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Fishing in New York is the best! Maybe we are a little bias but, from pan fishing to pike fishing New York is your one stop shop for all species of fresh water fish. Bountiful with tournaments, state parks, and endless rivers to choose from you will find a fishing area just about anywhere.

Where to fish

You can fish just about anywhere in New York but we have our own favorite places. Below are a couple places we really enjoy.


You have got to try Cayuga Lake!
...We love it!

Cayuga Lake in Upstate NY is one of the larger molds in the finger lakes region. This lake hosts a stringer of bass tournaments and is known for land locked salmon fishing as well. With it's deep pockets, shallow weeded shorelines, and the ever constant changing wind directions this lake is always a different experience. Our club has caught many of largemouth and smallmouth bass. Feel like making a run on a pile of perch? This place will not fail!
Check out Cayuga Lake!


The Mighty St Lawrence
...Fishing the islands

You haven't been on a fishing trip until you have spent a week at the St Lawrence river. We budget a week each year to visit Clayton, NY. Fishing around the 1000 Islands region has been an experience of a lifetime. Catching a big Muskie and a large Northern Pike on the same lures you would catch a bass and even perch is such a treat. It's pretty common to catch a 4+ pound smallmouth bass or witness your Bassmaster Elite series flying by in their high end bass boats. Your dedicated local fishermen in their small aluminum boats will point you in the right direction. This place hosts it all. Each year we attend the fish seem to keep getting larger and larger. So if this is in your plans...get some steel leaders!
Make sure to stop by and check out the 1000 Island Bait Store!

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Did you know?

A fun fact about our very own finger lakes.

Two of the lakes (Seneca and Cayuga) are among the deepest in North America and have bottoms below sea level. These lakes all formed over the last two million years by glacial carving of old stream valleys. Ithaca is located at the south end of Cayuga Lake, the longest and the second deepest of the Finger Lakes.

The Bassmaster Elite Series returns to Waddington, NY in 2018

Waddington, NY will be hosting the 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series tournament and expo for the second year in a row. The turnout was so amazing that they have booked their venue again next year. This is not typical behavior of the Bassmaster club as they typically like to rotate their locations. But their statement was that the fishing is so good they can't resist.

Do you know the history of the 1000 islands?

The 1000 Islands region was home to not only significant skirmishes between the U.S. and British-controlled Canada during the War of 1812, but its history as a vacation destination traces back to the Gilded Age, when many of world’s most wealthy and famous treated the region as their private playground. That history, along with major roles in the U.S. Prohibition and maritime ingenuity, has led to visitors trekking to the 1000 Islands to experience authentic heritage sites and attractions.
Just a touch of 1000 Island history

You can protect our waters by being responsible.

Invasive species are a threat to our amazing fisheries. New York State has taken initiatives in employing people to assist people who use public launches in making sure that these problematic species do not travel. You can find more information on how you can keep our waters thriving here... Aquatic Invasive Species in New York State

Is ice fishing really worth it?

Upstate NY is home to some of the best ice fishing events. Although you can head out on any given Sunday, an ice fishing derby is right around the corner. Catching loads of "Crappie" are not only good eating but are bountiful in numbers. Below are a couple links to show the fun an excitement of winter fishing in upstate New York.
Crappie Derby in Whitney Point NY
New York State Crappie Derby