Justin Salisbury
Veteran Fisherman
Owner NYFishing.net
President Binghamton Bassmasters

In 1994 I began my love of fishing on an Upstate NY lake in the Smithville Flats area of New York.  I spent my summers shadowing my grandfather who instructed me on how to fish, swim, and to row a boat.  Although it may seem trivial to learn small things about lake living, I found it to be an experience that helped shape my life.  From catching one sunfish after another to the occasional bass or pickerel it was the most exciting activity to me.  Since my younger years i have taken every opportunity to fish and be one with outdoors.

In 2010 I purchased my first "fishing" boat.  It was a fish and ski Bayliner brand that needed more help than expected at time of purchase.  As every boater knows that "boat" stands for "bust out another thousand" I decided it was not rugged and reliable enough to captain the great St Lawrence river in hunt for those large Northern Pike.  After a brief adventure in that year's fishing trip we decided it was time to hand that off to my father for small river adventures.

In 2011 I purchased a trusty 16' aluminum boat and named her "Fishin' with Joy" after my wife.  It was a 16' Tracker Pro Guide with nice front glass windows, all the live wells you can handle, and room for all my equipment.  Although she tops out at 35mph it has help me land many of large fish almost every time out and especially on our annual fishing trip the St Lawrence in Clayton, NY.

In 2016 we founded the NYFishing.net website as a hobby and passion.  There are plenty of fishing websites in the Upstate NY area but without google to bring us all together it was quite difficult to research.  We decided to develop a central location and resource for fishing websites, tournament information, tips & tricks, where to buy tackle, and share our stories since we all know fishing stories are just the best.

Our mission is to bring Upstate New York's resources together so that whether your the professional angler hunting four tournaments, just a beginner that wants to learn more, or someone who needs an a little outdoor entertainment...this is the place for you!